Know all about inline concrete batching plants

Know all about inline concrete batching plants

It is a fully automatic plant with an electronic load cell type, weighing batching system for aggregates, cement, water, and additive. Suspended belt conveyor with 4 load cells for weighing aggregates and sand. Cement, additive, and water weighing hoppers with separate load cell arrangement on RM structure. The Concrete Batching Plant with Inline Feeding System manufactured by us is suitable for transmitting mixers and concrete pumps. Being a stationary plant, the Concrete Batching Plant with Inline Feeding System available with us is ideal for a variety of construction purposes.

Explain inline concrete batching plants

An inline concrete batching plant used in industry, also known as a batch plant or batching plant, is equipment where several ingredients such as cement, sand, water, and other additives are mixed to form concrete. Batching is the process of weighing and introducing material into a mixer to develop a batch of concrete. Concrete has been recognized as one of the most durable materials used in bridges, homes, highways, sidewalks, and other construction works.

Concrete Batching Plant together with its parts and accessories produces high-quality concrete. To understand the working principle of a concrete batching plant, it is important to know the various components of the plant.

Components of inline concrete batching plant

  • Aggregate Feeder - With the help of located bins, materials like aggregate, sand, etc. are fed with the help of aggregate/sand holding bins of different sizes for different bins.
  • Cement Weighing Hopper - Catch large quantities of cement that come in bulk. Cement bags are placed over the hopper and after the cement bags burst they fall into the hopper.
  • Aggregate Wet Hopper – Used to weigh the aggregates one by one and transfer them for further processing.
  • Control Room - The working of the batching plant is controlled by the control room. This aids in the rapid and accurate measurement of the materials which helps to produce high-quality concrete. The latest machines also help to save and print mixed material recipes.
  • Mixture - liquid form, consisting of three different types of separate tanks.
  • Water-Water is controlled with the help of a meter system based on the quantity required for mixing.
  • Twin-shaft mixer - This is one of the main components of the concrete batching plant. All the ingredients are mixed with the help of a twin shaft mixer. Ensures that the concrete is thoroughly mixed and is achieving a uniform appearance and that all ingredients are evenly distributed.

Working process of inline concrete batching plants

The processing of concrete batching plants starts with feeding aggregate into individual bins. As set out in the Control Panel, the aggregates weigh differently by design. After the aggregate is weighed, it is further diverted to the mixing unit. Above the mixing unit, there are wet hoppers for cement, additives, and water, for the purpose of transferring the material to the mixing unit. The conversion of cement is done through a weighing conveyor and water is also pumped.

Concrete is made in a twin shaft mixer where all the ingredients are mixed evenly. With the help of the control panel, a timer is set for the mixing of the ingredients and when the time elapses, the mixing process stops, and the truck is loaded with concrete.

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