Difference between concrete batching plant and concrete mixer

Difference between concrete batching plant and concrete mixer

Navya India is a manufacturer of Concrete Mixer and Concrete Batching Plant (Concrete Mixing Plant). Both types of equipment are designed for the production of building mixtures. What is the difference between concrete batching plant and concrete mixer and what is the scope of application? Let's get information about types of different concrete plants.

Meaning of a concrete mixer

A concrete mixer is a device that mixes concrete, aggregates such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete – a powered device that mixes concrete with water and aggregates, such as sand or pea gravel, to form concrete. Concrete mixers range from very large commercial mixing trucks to small, portable concrete mixers sometimes called mini mobile concrete plants. A concrete mixer mainly consists of a motor, a reciprocating drum, and often a chute. Inside the drum, the material is used to move the concrete around, mixing evenly and remaining soft for application and forming.

The industrial production of ready-mix concrete plants in today's market requires consistent uniformity and short mixing times, resulting in the development of new technologies for concrete production. Therefore, around the world, twin-shaft batch mixers are becoming more important for high-quality concrete production. They introduce very high turbidity into the mixture and achieve about 95% homogeneity at a mixing time of only 30 seconds per batch.

What is a concrete batching plant?

"Concrete Batching Plant" is designed for ready mixed concrete production. It is extremely easy to obtain concrete with this type of power plant. It has the ability to mix all kinds of materials successfully and in perfect determination. These machines make concrete by mixing components such as aggregate, cement, water, automation, and software techniques with certain proportions and certain methods. The facilities that perform these functions are known as Concrete Batching Plants.

Explain concrete batching plants cost by manufacturers of construction equipments

A typical concrete batching plant costs anywhere between Rs. 15,00,000 lakhs and Rs. 22,00,000 lac for 30 m3/hr capacity.

However, concrete batching plant prices in India depend on several factors such as the type of concrete batching plant, location, logistics, and the type of material you use such as fly ash or cement, gravel or hard rocks. For manufacturers of ready-mix concrete here is a very useful research paper about the cost of producing and distributing ready-mix concrete.

Main components of batching plant

  • cement more batch
  • total batch
  • total cans
  • cement cans
  • conveyor
  • chillers
  • cement silos
  • radial stacker
  • heater
  • batch plant control
  • Dust collector (to reduce environmental pollution)

Working of concrete batching plant

There are two types of concrete batching plants:

A typical concrete mixing plant is divided into four parts; mainly gravel feed, powder (cement, fly ash, bulking agent, etc.) feed, water and feed additives, transmission and storage, mixer control system power, and human-in-the machine. Dialog operation interface, system initialization process, including recipe number, grade concrete slump, producer, etc., according to the amount of weight on each silo, weighing hopper. Detection, output material or material empty full signal, prompting the operator to determine whether to activate the control program, the stone belt motor fed into the metering hopper begins to vibrate; fly ash, open the cement tank valve, start the electromechanical screw conveyor ash cement to the metering hopper; Open water reservoir and control valve, mixing pool water and additives into metering hopper meets set requirements Metering door open, mixing ingredients into mixer has already started to set. At the time of opening the mixer door, the material was received in the work and maintenance of the concrete mixer.

How does concrete mixer work

One set of blades facilitates the mixing process while the drum is rotating in a certain direction and another set of blades facilitates the discharging process of the mixture while the drum is rotating in the opposite direction. Reversing drum mixers are best suited for preparing dry mix concrete.

Call the best manufacturer of concrete batching plants

Concrete Batching Plants are used to manufacture high-quality concrete for a variety of construction activities such as buildings, roads, bridges, airports, and many more. Concrete Batching Plant Service Providers offer a wide range of Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plants with high-quality Concrete Mixer. According to customers' specific requests, mobile, compact, and stationary RMC plants can be configured as specialized solutions for various types of concrete, such as roller compacted concrete, road concrete, extra heavy concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, and others.

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