What should you consider when leasing Equipment for Batching

What should you consider when leasing Equipment for Batching

Plants for batching are the core of any construction project, and they are crucial to mixing and blending ingredients to make concrete. Batching plants are available in various sizes and models. If you're considering leasing or financing a batching plant, you must first consider the appropriateness of the plant to your specific project. You can then look at the details of financing or leasing the plant.

At the beginning of this article, we will look at the various aspects before choosing a batching facility. In the following section, we'll discuss leasing, renting, or financing batching plants and other equipment for construction.

Tips for Choosing Equipment for Batching

Batching machines are available in various dimensions and capacities, and you must choose one that will be of the best usage for your construction. Consider these aspects before selecting a batching plant.

  1. Think about whether you wish to purchase a plant or if you can benefit from the option of Batching Plant renting. If you're involved in only a temporary construction project, you must consider leasing equipment. If it's an ongoing project, you can you might consider leasing. However, if you have multiple construction projects in the pipeline, it's feasible to opt for financing for a batching plant and purchase deal.
  2. Check out the specifications and functions of the batching plant that you want to learn more about. Determine if the semi-automatic or the automatic batching plant will work for your needs and are within your budget.
  3. Choose the batching plant with the capacity and size suitable for your construction project.
  4. Examine each component in the plant for batching, making sure that they're working properly. A few important parts to examine include the water measurement system and the cement-weighing device skip hoist and mixer unit.
  5. Check that the batching plant is equipped with an easy-to-operate control panel that is easy to learn and use. This lets the workers who are operating the plant learn how to operate quickly and efficiently.
  6. Ask if the vendor offers high-quality and specialized after-sales service for the batching plant.
  7. Verify your batching machine's output, and it should make high-quality concrete and reduce time spent in the process.

Bear these points in your head before you decide on the right batching facility you will use for any construction work.

Batching Plant Leasing/Financing/Renting

Heavy construction equipment such as batching plants is a huge investment. You must set the budget according to your business and project's requirements before starting. You can then decide if it's better to finance or lease the equipment for construction or if you would prefer renting it.

Renting of Batching Plants

Renting is an excellent option when you require a concrete batching plant but do not plan to own it. You can try it out and then use the batching plant to test your project without buying it. Renting is a good option; however, it also has its drawbacks, especially from the balance sheet perspective. There is no chance of building assets over the long run because you're renting the plant instead of being its owner. Therefore, for every other purpose, you need to lease the plant. If you have chosen a rental-purchase contract, then a percentage of the rent payments will go to the final purchase of the plant.

Finance for Batching Plants

Finance for batching plants is a good option when taking advantage of low-interest rates. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to buy the plant but don't need a lump sum. The plant used to batch can be used as collateral until you settle the installments in the full amount. The only disadvantage is that you must accept the debt and then pay interest for the loan duration.

Letting of Batching Plants

Leasing a batching plant will allow you to rent the batching plant of dealerships for a predetermined time. The period is usually set in annual blocks or twelve-month increments with pre-set hour limits. The benefits of leasing are greater than renting. When you lease, you pay a lower cost per month than renting, and you also have access to the latest batching equipment or an older plant with an established service history. So you are assured of the quality of the plant. When leasing, a fixed cost is determined for the plant if you decide to purchase it when the lease expires; however, there is no obligation to purchase it if you don't decide to purchase it. So, leasing gives you the potential for additional investment, which renting doesn't.

Letting of Batching Plants Things to Consider

Be aware of these points before you lease equipment for batching.

1. Take a look at the projects you're working on and those that are in the pipeline. Are these projects requiring a batching plant, and at what time? Decide whether leasing or renting is the right choice for your business requirements.

2. Assess your equipment requirements and see if the vendors in your area have enough rental equipment. If not, leasing might be a better option because it guarantees that your project's equipment is readily available.

3. Review your business's financial needs as well. If the plant is needed for only one or two jobs, renting could be the best choice. However, if you have plans in the works and want to use the plant for a longer period, the financing of a batching plant is the most suitable option.


These are things to think about for your business's batching plant lease and financing requirements. You can also reach out to construction equipment dealers who can provide the best rental and leasing or financing options available. Navya India is the leading manufacturer of construction equipment such as loaders, concrete batching plants, skid steers, and other equipment. We also supply batching machines and skid steers to rent and lease. Contact us today to discuss low-cost rental, leasing, and financing solutions for your needs for construction equipment.

Apr 18, 2022 11:25