What is the purpose of a concrete plant and what is the use of batching plants

What is the purpose of a concrete plant and what is the use of batching plants

Every year, there is much advancement in the manufacturing process to better meet all the different expectations of customers. Everyone wants the project to be completed on time. Preparing ready mix concrete on site is a time-consuming process. You can reduce a lot of construction costs by using a concrete batching plant for a construction project. With the help of an inline Concrete Batching Plant, a professional can produce and deliver in minutes with minimal effort. These machines also allow you to adjust the concrete production based on the need of the project to help you get the most out of it.

What types of concrete batching plants?

Batching plant is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the construction industry. A concrete plant consists of several important components including cement and aggregate batchers, aggregate bins, conveyors, mixers, heaters, cement silos, control panels, and dust collectors. The different types of concrete batching plants used in the projects are discussed below.

  • Mobile concrete batching plants- The mobile batching plant consists of portable shaft mixers that are made moveable and thus installed on a towable chassis with wheels for maximum maneuverability and quick setup. Mobile concrete batching plants can be easily installed and dismantled and thus requires little preparation or installation prior to use.
  • Dry concrete batching plant- also known as dry mix concrete batching plant, consists of feeding sand, gravel, and cement to the batching plant which is passed through a numerical or manual scale. All the raw material is then dropped into a chute in the truck. At the same time, the water is weighed, and released into the mixer truck through the same charging tank. In the end, all the content was mixed and delivered to the site.
  • Compact concrete batching plants- are made up of small units of pre-designed or pre-wired production equipment that are often moved in batches to be assembled at the site where they are to be used. This ensures that transportation is both fast and easy.
  • Inline batching plant- It is a fully automatic plant with an electronic load cell type, weighing batching system for aggregates, cement, water, and additive. A suspended belt conveyor with 4 load cells for weighing aggregates and sand. Cement, additive, and water weighing hoppers with separate load cell arrangement on RM structure.
  • Containerized Concrete Batching Plant- Containerized Concrete Batch Plant consists of a mixing system, control system, material storage system, weighing system, conveying system, and so on. In addition, the container mixing plant has the characteristics of a small footprint, quick installation, convenient transportation, etc. Compared with the traditional concrete plant, the container mixing plant does not need to be set up with feet and mounting brackets, eliminating the original design and construction.

Importance of concrete batching plant

The main purpose of using a concrete batching plant is to produce homogeneous and uniform concrete. The plant should continuously produce concrete in batches one after the other in equal proportions. The most important function performed by this plant is that it coats the aggregate with cement.

How does the concrete batching plant work

At the point when the mixer's control system is connected to a power source, the man-machine collaboration operating interface will appear and the framework will begin the initialization process which includes equalization, concrete deceleration, concrete grade, and efficiency. Every storehouse and measuring vessel is checked with a weighing pattern. Its control frame will indicate the measurement of the material which will prompt the operator to choose whether to initiate a control program or not. The control valves of the water sump and mixing sump must be opened to affect the water and mixture to flow into the measuring container.

Then the material will be mixed with a compact concrete batching plant mixer. Once the setting time is over, the loading door of the concrete mixer opens and the concrete flows into a concrete mixer truck.

This process is guided very carefully as the concrete should not separate and furthermore, the concrete must be prepared and transported and then used between 30-45 minutes before its initial setting time needed.



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