Role of reversible Drumming in Ready mix concrete plant

Role of reversible Drumming in Ready mix concrete plant

Ready-mix concrete plants are highly sought-after. There are many contractors eager to purchase and build an RMC plant. A small RMC (ready mix concrete) plant's goal could be used to start construction, and it might be the sale of ready mix concrete at a low cost. The construction of your plant could be profitable if you can put it to work. If the amount of concrete needed is lower than the amount required, you can purchase the same from any trusted supplier. Be sure that the quantity of concrete you receive is in time and exactly according to the specifications. If you do not receive the material in time could be extremely difficult for your company, and any pending work could pile up quickly.

Investing in a ready-mix concrete facility with a small capacity could be a feasible alternative if you're willing to make an effort into the process and make it into your own hands. With your equipment, you have total control over the material's quality, and it's noise-free and can save you much time. Smaller machines generally require less space, are cost-effective, and are easy to use, manage and maintain. Pick your provider carefully to make sure you are getting the best price.

We have spent a lot of time working in the concrete business and having a loyal customer base. We are surely familiar with a few tips about how to keep customers. The process of attracting customers is simple but keeping them. It's easy to become the concrete mixer maker offering a low price to draw customers to your product. However, it requires the courage to construct a quality machine. Offer the same machine and provide the machine's appropriate service within the warranty. It is crucial to go the extra mile to help maintain the customer's trust.

When our customers inquire about small batching facilities, we typically ask to use our AMCB series, which has Reversible drum mixers. This is because we have four models to choose from 10 millimeters per hour, 15 M3/hr—20 millimeters per hour, and 25 millimeters per hour. We will show the range when a client asks for an entry or mid-dimension portable concrete mixer for sale.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) plant is highly efficient as a batch plant, and it is simple to operate. Mini RMC plants with lower initial costs and, most importantly, low maintenance. This is because we offer genuine spare parts with a small margin, which is different from other manufacturers. A few advantages of small ready mix plants are that the design takes up less space and consumes much less power (thanks to the reversed drum mixer).

  • The main feature of this unit is its mixing unit.
  • It's a reversible drum mixer that is a non-tilting kind.
  • Non-tilting means reducing the needless efforts needed to maintain it in good working order.
  • The mixer is equipped with smartly created flights that assist in mixing when the mixer is in a clockwise direction and discharge when the mixer moves in the opposite direction.
  • It is located under the weighting units for cement, water, and other additives.
  • Aggregates are mixed up in the weighing belt below the feeding unit supplied by all portable cement mixers and are then directly added to the mixer.
  • The mixer we offer is powered by a gearbox and fitted with a centrally controlled lubrication system for all moving components in the mixer.
  • The gearbox can assist in reducing vibrations. It also reduces maintenance.


Our determination to constantly enhance its quality products ensures that we are always at the top of our game. It is also a motivator to continually improve our products and offer our customers the highest quality construction equipment made in India.

Apr 18, 2022 11:26