Meaning of Stationary Concrete Plants

A concrete batching plant is a specially designed plant for the production of concrete that includes a system that mixes cement, crushed stone, water, and, if necessary, concrete additives, to obtain high-quality concrete.

The system starts with dosing. A conveyor belt with a weighing system located at the bottom of the inert hopper takes the required amount of different materials by weighing and transfers it to the main belt of the mixer. When concrete plants were first designed years ago, they were designed to be the stationary type. But over time and in parallel with the developing technology, stationary concrete plants have also evolved a lot.

How many types of Stationary Concrete Plants

stationary Concrete Batching Plants are modern production facilities that produce concrete with precise weighing and homogeneous mixing technology in almost all construction projects.

Here are two types of stationary concrete plants

  1. Wet mix concrete plant- Wet batching concrete plants mix all the ingredients needed to make concrete before being transported to the mixing truck. Central-mix batching plants use plant-mounted mixers where you place all solid ingredients, including water.
  2. mobile concrete plant- A mobile batch plant, or volumetric mixer, is a unit that can be moved to work sites and used to produce concrete as needed to meet any specification. The units are largely mounted on trucks or trailers for ease of movement to and from the workplace.

Features of a stationary concrete batching plant

Most stationary concrete batch plants adopt a modular design for easy installation. They are mainly used by large-scale commercial concrete manufacturers and in large-scale engineering construction projects.

The characteristics of a stationary batching plant are

  1. high production capacity
  2. stable performance
  3. minimal external interference
  4. It is widely used in various projects such as roads and bridges, ports, tunnels, dams and buildings.

Some steps to maintain stationary concrete plants for a long time

  1. Always keep the mixer body clean, and remove the dirt and obstruction from the mixer body. This is a basic step to keep it in working condition for a long time.
  2. When you use, fill the lubricating oil according to the requirements, and check the control device and circuit.
  3. This will help the mixer work efficiently and produce more concrete than before.
  4. Brakes and clutch are an important element of this type of plant, so every time you need to check their reliability.
  5. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to check it but it can save you from big losses.
  6. An operator should check whether the motor, transmission, or reducer gear is producing abnormal noise.
  7. If he hears such noise then he should be rectified first and then the operation process should be started. Also, check if the temperature is rising too much.
  8. Once the work is over, an operator must carefully clean the entire mixer machine.
Advantages of stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Preparing ready mix concrete plants at the construction site is a time-consuming process. You can eliminate your manufacturing costs by using a batching plant for your project. Each load of concrete is produced on-site. When we use Concrete Batching Plant the production and delivery is done in minutes. Adjust your concrete production to the needs and get the most out of it. A concrete batching plant offers many benefits to construction workers:

  1. Combining raw materials with stable, advanced production technology, computer control, precise measurement, and testing means complete, stable, and reliable quality, rich high strength, thus greatly improving the building (structure) of construction quality level.
  2. Manufacturing units use commercial mixing stations, speeding up construction, reducing equipment, racks, pipes, templates, and other turnover rental costs; Owners of units can shorten the construction cycle, reducing investment risk.
  3. Due to the stable and reliable quality of the commercial mixing plant, the design unit can avoid "fat beam", "fat column" and "heavy plate" according to the design of the mixing station.
  4. Mixing stations using mineral active admixtures (slag and fly ash and admixture, etc.) can greatly improve the long-term performance of concrete waterproof, anti-cracking, and abrasion resistance, and improve the service life of a building.

Conclusion- Ideal for high volume producers, our Concrete Batching Plants can be customized to meet the needs of your ready mix or precast operation. Our stationary/mobile concrete batching plants are designed for maximum capacity, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability to produce high-quality concrete. Our stationary concrete batching plants are mostly preferred for projects that require relatively high concrete production capacity

Fully Automatic Stationary Type Concrete Batching Plant is a suitable solution for high capacity ready mixed concrete even for a long time.

Dec 27, 2022 08:34