Concrete mixer service and maintenance tips- Proper concrete mix are ​​as important as the quality of the concrete and its formation. All the ingredients of the mixture should be mixed thoroughly to ensure good quality and strength. A proper mixing process should be carried out as this will give us a homogeneous mass of uniform concrete. A uniform mix of concrete gives you good consistency and color thereby producing the desired concrete which is workable and facilitates compaction. Gone are the days when concrete was mixed by hand. Today all mixing is done by concrete mixing machines. Be it small-scale or large-scale concrete plants, these machines have taken over all the sectors providing good stability and efficient mixing. They also reduce time consumption.

The concrete industry is growing rapidly with more and more infrastructural development. Thus different types of mixing machines have come into the market. There is a wide range of concrete mixing machines for small-scale and large-scale areas that can fit the type of concrete mixing plant you have the project on. Whatever the sector, the continuous mixing process should be given importance. The mix should be run during the concreting period until the desired concreting is achieved. So we can say that concreting is a non-stop process in the industry. To achieve this it is very important to maintain the concrete mixer and know about mobile concrete batching plants.

Some tips to make your concrete mixer last longer 

Following are the tips that help you to take care of your mixer and ensure good performance: after that get some benefits of hot drum mixing by our company.

  • Clean the mixer daily; don't leave the drum and mixing pedal behind. You can clean it with a water hose to wash off the cement prior to building any concrete.
  • If there is any solid buildup, you will need to use a pressure washer to get rid of it. If that doesn't work, you'll have to get rid of the buildup by chipping. You can also choose a suitable concrete mixer batching plant. 
  • You need to keep the motor clean; You can use an air compressor to take out the cement and any other dust mites. By keeping the motor clean, you will ensure that it performs at its best. In addition, you are also protecting yourself from costly repairs. Remember, loose particles can cause trouble for your motor as they can lead to costly repairs.
  • You will need to lubricate the parts and pulley of your mixer. This will prevent damage caused by friction. This extends the lifespan of your device and ensures that it performs at its best
  • Do not forget about the warranty when buying a cement mixer. It means a real difference, and it can literally save your breath. so get it for yourself.

Daily supervision should follow the following procedures: 

  • Before starting the daily routine, check the machine for any waste concrete or any buildup on the wall or floor of the mixer. Remove them if they are present.
  • When production takes off and brakes increase, use a high-pressure wash.
  • At the end of the day, clean the mixer with a high-pressure washer.
  • Make sure the door seal is free of buildup.

 The Weekly supervision also should follow the following steps


  • The gearbox should be lubricated at appropriate time intervals.
  • The device should be monitored monthly: The distance between the floor of the mixer and the mixing blade should be checked and adjusted to approximately 3 mm.
  • Check the clearance of the blades on floor and wall tiles before starting the tool and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Ignore the casting blowhole and the walls should be analyzed for any damage
  • Inspect for leaks and replace door seals, if any.
  • Change gearbox oil to avoid emulsification and contamination.

Conclusion- By using good care for a concrete mixer, you will be able to use it for many years and avoid costly repairs later. While parts may need to be replaced over time because of other issues with wear or a combination thereof, these issues are eventually dealt with. So if you need any type of help regarding the concrete batching plant. then you can consult Navya India immediately.



May 17, 2022 04:56